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About me

I was born in 1976, and since I discovered computers and videogames (I think I was 7 years old) I loved all that stuff full of pixels and bytes.


I’m a freelancer developer and I founded Web4People in 2009, after 11 years working as lead web developer for a big italian company.

In december 2015 it was the time for growing up more, so I “archived” the Web4People project, and I started to work for ReGold Srl as IT Manager & Lead PHP Developer.


I play with 3D graphics since 2005, when I discovered Poser and Daz Studio.

I become member of some awesome 3D communities and I met a lot of talented artists.


My first PC (if we exclude a prehistorical Amstrad CPC 464 with a cassette recorder) had DOS 6.22 and Windows 3.11, and it was a Pentium 75 with 16MB Ram and 850 MB HDD, with the awesome Sound Blaster AWE 32 and a classic S3 1MB Video Card. It was 1995, and that was a good PC.

I upgraded my machines until 2011, when I switched to Apple. I was too unsatisfied by Windows, and I found OSX the best system for my needs.


When I’m away from my mac, i’m a dad and a husband, a book reader, a music listener, and a movies watcher.

Sometimes I pick my guitars and play a little.

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